Graduate Students


Daniel Berry, MA
Daniel is broadly interested in the impact of mindfulness training on attention and motivation. His current research concerns the role of mindfulness in assuaging ego-related attentional biases. He uses EEG/ERP neuroimaging and ecological momentary assessment methods as lenses through which to study these processes. Read more.


Tarah Raldiris, MA
Tarah's research interests concern the value of mindfulness-based interventions to promote healthy aging, with a particular focus on understanding the effects of mindfulness training on cognition, health, and well-being in older adults. She explores these topics through neurophysiological and genetic methods. Read more.


Ali Martelli, BS
Ali's research interests are focused on mindfulness training impacts on relationship functioning. Her current work seeks to better understand the neural mechanisms and outcomes of mindfulness training to enhance relationship satisfaction in couples suffering from depression and anxiety. Her methodologies include neuroimaging, eye tracking, and experience sampling. Read more.


Nabila Jahan, BS
Nabila's research interests concern the neurophenomenology of mindfulness and related contemplative practices using first-person and neuroimaging (fMRI) methods. She is also interested in the clinical application of mindfulness training to underserved populations.

Research Interns

  • Jacqueline Hoyt
  • Ami Kumar
  • Ashley Gibson
  • Brian Calhoun
  • Brandon Obie
  • Carrie Southworth
  • David Rockman
  • James Hovermale
  • Lucas Keckley
  • Magaly Maltez
  • Myra Glorioso
  • Rebecca Paster

Volunteer Research Assistants

  • Mallory Clemens
  • Niyati Patel
  • Anna Belenkaya

Lab alumni

  • Sean Barnes, PhD student, Psychology, SUNY Binghamton
  • Shayla Cashwell, MA student, Columbia University
  • Matthew Della Porta, PhD, Workplace Wellness consultant and trainer
  • Alex Foxworthy, Post-doctoral fellow, Neuroscience, West Virginia University
  • Robert Goodman, PhD, Psychology, Northern Arizona University
  • Melissa Holt, PhD, Culver College
  • Beth Hurtt, MA student, Business, University of Georgia
  • Laura Kiken, PhD, Psychology, Kent State University
  • Ami Kumar, MEd student, Temple University
  • Kostadin Kushlev, PhD, Psychology, University of Virginia
  • Maureen Mathews, PhD, St. Mary's College
  • Zuhair Peracha, MD student, Wayne State University
  • Jordan Quaglia, PhD, Psychology, Naropa University
  • Khristina Sanders, PhD student, Pepperdine University
  • Jordan Silberman, MD student, University of Rochester
  • Karen Stewart, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
  • Courtney Vaughan, BS, National Institutes of Health

Research Collaborators past and present